The Biggest La Liga Rivalries


The game of football is quite interesting, which is why you find that a lot of people favour betting on the game when they are done with their online casino gambling. There are so many teams that you can get to pick from in La Liga. And, this article is going to be giving you the biggest rivalries in the league of all time. Do not forget to play some real money casinos and get big wins!

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Villarreal vs Valencia

Valencia had it all their own thing in their region of Spain throughout most of the twentieth century. Although urban rivals Levante have been a more frequent presence in the top division in recent years, regional rivals Villarreal have emerged as their key 21st Century opponents in the Valencian Community. The Yellow Submarine has emerged from almost nothingness, admittedly with some major financial support, to take the battle to Valencia, consistently finishing above and beating its large city rivals.

Real Madrid Vs Barcelona

Unlike many great rivalries and derby matches, the action frequently lives up to the expectation, with offensive football, great talent, and several goals. Tickets for this match are not inexpensive, but if there is one game you must see in your life, it is without a doubt this one. This one doesn’t really require any explanation. It would be foolish to attempt to summarize Clásico’s complexity and politics in a single paragraph, but it is safe to state that it is still the most important game in world football, involving the two most powerful teams on the planet.

Atletico Madrid Vs Real Madrid

For a long time, this was one of those lopsided la liga rivalries we mentioned, but there are few things that Atlético supporters enjoy more than pulling one over on their famed neighbors. With Atlético Madrid’s rise to become a genuine European power in the 2010s, it became an increasingly significant and even match, resulting in two Champions League Final Madrid derbies, both won in spectacular conditions. Although we disagree that this match is more important than El Clásico, in terms of the quality of the two teams, this is currently perhaps the best city derby in the football world.

Real Betis Vs Sevilla

Sevilla has just really emerged as the more successful team in the last 10-15 years, with no fewer than 5 Europa League victories giving them a distinct advantage in terms of achievement. The green and white side of Seville will be quick to claim the larger support, and attendances at the Benito Villamarin mainly back that up, with Betis averaging 10,000 more supporters each game than their city rivals at the time of writing. They also view themselves as a working-class team, and this is a derby day in possibly Spain’s most violent city, where tempers routinely boil both on and off the ground.