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Online Football Betting Tips.

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Are you looking for some football betting tips and tips on where to bet to get the best odds?

Football or soccer has become one of the most watched sports on television and indeed around the globe, with fans from across the age spectrum tuning into the action each week. The sport has also grown massively over recent years. Today, tens of millions tune in to watch the world’s biggest clubs compete against each other, especially at the top level.

Betting on football has never been easier. Online bookmakers offer a variety of markets and bets, meaning you can place a wager on anything from goal scorers to individual players. All you have to do is pick the outcome and then decide whether to back them or take the opposite side. If you want to win big on football, read our guide for the best football betting tips .

 Pick your team  .                                                                          football betting

Whichever team you fancy winning on Saturday can be found among those playing at home (usually shown by underlines). You will find this information along with their current form, goal difference and point percentage, as well as the teams they are currently paired with. This data is useful when it comes to choosing which way to go with your bet. For example, if you think Liverpool will beat Manchester City, but Chelsea is beating Leicester, you may want to avoid backing these two sides as both are likely to score heavily.

 Choose your market

The various markets available include ‘Best Bookies Bets’ and ‘All Odds’. These are usually the most popular options, although there are many others too. This means you could choose to back either of the teams mentioned above, for instance, with the ‘All Odds’ market offering more opportunities than simply the match itself.

 Decide how much you wish to risk

There are three main types of bets: fixed odds, even money and accumulators. Fixed odds allow you to set minimum and maximum payouts, while even money bets mean the same amount is wagered on either side. Accumulator bets are bets placed on multiple selections and payout based on the total value of all outcomes.

 Choose your stake

You need to consider how much money you are willing to lose before placing your bet. Each bookmaker offers different amounts of the bet per £100 (or equivalent currency), so check this carefully before selecting any option.

 Set up an account

Once you have chosen your team and market, you need to create an account at the bookmaker of choice. This involves providing personal details such as name, address, date of birth, email address and phone number. In return, you will receive a unique username and password allowing access to your account.

 Place your bet

Now that your account is ready, you can make your initial deposit and begin placing bets. There should always be a button labelled ‘Deposit’ next to the section of the website listing all the latest odds. Simply click this and follow the prompts to complete the transaction. Once complete, you will see your balance updated with the correct amount.

 Check your results

To view details about your bet and its progress, head back to the site where you originally selected it. Here, you will find your balance, along with a breakdown of your winnings and losses. Remember, the majority of bets will be settled within 48 hours.


If you like what you saw during your first session, you can repeat the process whenever you feel like it. It won’t cost you extra, and since your bets are settled quickly, you can get straight onto the next game.

 How to Make a Football Bet?

   Select Your Team

First things first, you have to decide which team you want to bet on. There are a few different options available here including choosing sides that play at home or abroad, and selecting  teams based on their league position (e.g. Premier League). Next, select the type of bet you’d like to place. Here, you will see three main categories – money line, total score winner, and over/under/half-time/full-time winner.

  Place Your Bets

Now you simply have to choose which side you’d like to back and input the amount you’d like to risk per £100.

 Check Your Score & Result

Once you click ‘Bet’, you’ll be taken to the live scoring page. When you arrive on this page, you’ll need to look through all of the matches listed to find the result for the game you’ve chosen to bet on. You won’t be able to view results until after they’ve finished playing so you’ll need to wait patiently.

Final Thoughts .

The beauty of online football betting and online casino games is that there’s no limit to how many games you can bet on each day. And if you’re feeling adventurous, there are plenty more markets to explore.